Mutual Morris

Public Comment to Town Council of Dover, Feb 13, 2024

This is the letter we sent: “Mutual Morris is a mutual aid group made up of members of the community helping each other. We have not only been getting to know the homeless community, many of us are part of the homeless community too. Our members struggle every day to get out of the cycles […]

Housing Council – February 2023

A photo of a group of people sitting in a park with a hand-drawn sign in the foreground that reads "Housing Council. Is your rent too high?" and graphics of red and pink hearts photoshopped over to cover individuals' faces for privacy.

With mutual aid, we can change how we look at our shared struggles and how we build solutions, led by the people most impacted, from the ground up. We have the solutions to our problems. We know what we need; we need safe and affordable housing. Thousands of families across Morris County are struggling to […]