Mutual Morris

Environmental Justice and the Classroom: Green Gaslighting

Many of us recall being in elementary school and learning how to “reduce, reuse, recycle.” The recycling symbol has long been associated with the classroom and student learning. We learn about the importance of recycling and turning off our faucets and lights as we are growing up. This barely-there “environmental education” has remained largely unchanged […]

Mutual Aid in the Classroom – February 2023

Why Does Mutual Aid Belong in the Classroom? This working group was created by community members who teach in a variety of roles–from home tutors, to public school and home educators, to others working in various instructional capacities outside of the classroom–to address the monumental inequities that exist not-so-far beneath the surface of the foundation […]

Housing Council – February 2023

A photo of a group of people sitting in a park with a hand-drawn sign in the foreground that reads "Housing Council. Is your rent too high?" and graphics of red and pink hearts photoshopped over to cover individuals' faces for privacy.

With mutual aid, we can change how we look at our shared struggles and how we build solutions, led by the people most impacted, from the ground up. We have the solutions to our problems. We know what we need; we need safe and affordable housing. Thousands of families across Morris County are struggling to […]

A Letter For A Friend

A letter of appreciation to my best comrade Alex, to raise funds to cover her medical bills. “Somos mejores porque existe el amor” – Victor Jara Chilean teacher, artist, singer-songwriter and Communist political activist assassinated by US-supported Pinochet dictatorship. Alex: In this hellscape that is sometimes the world we live in, I’m honored to be […]


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