Mutual Morris

Teach Truth

On Saturday June 10th, Mutual Morris held a Teach-in to Teach Truth in Madison, in collaboration with Radical Pedagogy Institute and the Zinn Education Project as part of the nationwide Teach Truth Day of Action. Students and teachers from the community, Drew University, and Rutgers University organized the local action to combat local school board […]

Mutual Aid and Storytelling: Powerful Reciprocity

Mutual Morris has been collaborating with the Rutgers University Humanities Action Lab (HAL) for nearly two years on the power of storytelling and how that creates more powerful mutual aid networks in our community. We were asked to present to a mutual aid class as well as a virtual conference made up of researchers, educators, […]

Environmental Justice and the Classroom: Green Gaslighting

Many of us recall being in elementary school and learning how to “reduce, reuse, recycle.” The recycling symbol has long been associated with the classroom and student learning. We learn about the importance of recycling and turning off our faucets and lights as we are growing up. This barely-there “environmental education” has remained largely unchanged […]