Creation For Liberation

Mutual aid is much more than just giving people what they need to survive in an oppressive system. It is about envisioning and creating a future where communities take care of all their members all the time by default and don’t allow systems that keep the essentials of survival out of people’s hands. We recognize that our struggle in Morris County, New Jersey, is against the same systems that create poverty and devastation all around the world. Therefore, our members are forming an International Solidarity working group to make ties with the people fighting our same fights and to share their stories to teach and inspire a new world. All around the world, we are one humanity and none of us are free until all of us are free.

Our members started by hosting two free “Creation for Liberation” events, filled with collaborative community creative expression in support of Palestine. Over 100 people including youth, university students, Palestinian, Arab, and ally families, attended the two day event at the Madison Community Arts Center on February 18 and 25, 2024.

Many activities were enjoyed throughout the events. The Palestinian American Community Center presented “The History of Debke- a Form of Protest and Resistance” to tell us about this traditional Levantine folk dance involving drum beats, stomping, and group choreographed movements. Artist Said Elatab displayed and sold his portraits of people from Gaza. Peace Love Palestine brought Palestinian-made keffiyehs (traditional Palestinian hand-woven scarves with symbolic patterns), shirts embroidered with tatreez, a traditional Palestinian embroidery often seen on dresses and formal attire, and a traditional Levantine herb mixture called zataar from a Palestinian farmer.

Co-organizer Eli W explained that “this event was intended to be a safe space for families, kids, groups of people who wanted to learn, and those who cannot attend different events due to safety. And Creation for Liberation did just that. By bringing in Palestinian creatives, artists, and makers, as well as hosting workshops, it shed so much light on the joy and history that Palestine holds.”

Activities included Palestinian-inspired painting, jewelry making, poster and sign making and learning Arabic. Seed starters of Palestinian herbs were also given out. Palestinian food was available for sampling. A very touching vigil for the lives lost in the genocide was held at the end of the event by a Palestinian Morris County resident.

Two local businesses also attended to spread their support of liberation for Palestine.

Calming Cauldron created and sold handmade watermelon candles to benefit Gaza relief. Brielle, the owner, said “Creation for Liberation was an incredible treat, joy, and honor to be a part of. It was a beautiful day filled with so many Palestinian voices and allies. We fostered community from near and far, ate delicious food, supported Palestinian artists, held ritual, enjoyed crafts, learned about Palestinian culture, danced, and held a touching vigil. This will hopefully be the first of many events to celebrate, learn, support, connect, share, and hold space for each other all while doing the work to help those in need.”

Meghan McSweeney, known as Doctor Witch, provided a ritual to start the event and stated that “it was an honor to be a part of Creation For Liberation’s first event for awareness, education, and justice for Palestine. I was so grateful and moved by the amount of people that came out for this event and made their demand for a ceasefire known. It was such a beautiful weaving of communities with education, art, and culture that deserves to be recognized and celebrated. I found myself tearing up at the stories shared and the amount of resilience and hope that was brought. If anything it made me want to show up, stand up, and speak up even more.”

Co-organizer LJ Matasker said that “it has been such an honor to be able to take part in the organizing of Creation for Liberation. The events are centered in art as an integral piece of liberation and creation as resistance. I am proud to be a part of a community that prioritizes uplifting Palestinian voices and experiences. I believe it is invaluable to stand in support of freedom and create a pro Palestinian presence in my community.”

Many families noted that they have been talking with their children about the genocide and they felt that this was a safe and supportive environment for children to continue to learn about Palestinian history. Rawan, the founder of Peace Love Palestine, and a Palestinian herself, explained that “the power of one will never amount to the collective power. Joining forces with others with love and justice for all will always prevail against the forces of evil.”

The purpose of these events was to bring community members together to honor Palestinian culture, language, and history while creating community. Creation is an important part of radical community building, and it helps to show us a path to better things. Creation through storytelling, art, dance, and music is a direct expression of our experiences within capitalism and the world we wish to see outside of it. It is what leads to the liberation of communities from the shackles of individualism and commodification. When we share our creativity, we share ourselves and our hopes. When we learn more about each other and our cultures, we can better understand why and how to defend each other. And we can make peace.

We want to continue to plan more radically creative events that bring us together in solidarity with Palestine and all people around the world interconnected with us for liberation from imperialism, colonialism, and capitalism. Events will include indigenous plant walks, movie screenings, poetry nights, and knowledge-sharing events.

If you are interested in coalition building in support of Palestine in Morris County, please contact or follow us on Instagram at CreationforLiberationNJ. 

To inquire about joining the International Solidarity working group, email